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07 | Apr

Plissé & Duettes Shades of Sunway

We are glad to present the new collection of Duette and Plissé Shades of Sunway. It has become a varied collection of elegant fabrics in cool and timeless colors. The color image closely matches the interior trends, such as amber, blue and soft pastels. But also the timeless natives, gray, white and black are the colors that we will continue to look back in the interior and in this new collection.

Duettes Shades
Sunway offers the Duette Shades on 3 pleat widths: 25, 32 and 64 mm. In addition, you can choose from many transparency, but also dimming duets.

Plissé Shades
The Plissé Shades collection offers 2 pleat widths: 20 and 32 mm - in beautiful fabrics and different transparency, but also dimming fabrics. The collection contains new designs, structures and unique color trends. A new model is the TruFit. This model can be mounted directly on the glass without drilling or screwing.

We have the collection book with all the moods, fabrics and information our showroom and we are looking forward to looking for a suitable custom product.