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Toplabel | Cattelan Italia

The love of family, enthusiasm for new ideas, the passion for each design, all the material that turns into an object and for all that is symbolic of a continuous evolution: these are the qualities that are very characteristic for life of Giorgio Cattelan, the founder of the Venetian company Cattelan Italia, which is the global leader in production and distribution of occasional furniture produced strictly only in Italy. Cattelan Italia was founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, who started from a concept of style and this was made possible only by the essential values ​​such as quality and comfort. The brothers Cattelan are at the head of the organization Cattelan Italia and the famous company Arketipo, which was acquired in 2011 by Cattelan. . The strength of this premium brand is next to the exclusivity of the furniture  their value for money.